“This is an example of a product for which our company has exclusive distribution rights in Japan.”

Magic Anti-Fog cloth [1st series] Anti-fog cloth 

(Historical Merchandise)
Unrivaled power of super strong steam

The anti-fog cloth that attracted a lot of attention overseas has finally arrived in Japan!!

This product was introduced as an excellent product at the "2019 G-FAIR KOREA" exhibition hosted by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA).

With high-density fiber microfibers
It further accelerates the anti-fogging effect, promotes the effect of continuous defogging, and can be used repeatedly for foggy lenses and smartphones.

CRAZY FLY   Lightweight Sole Thick Cushion Sneakers

Sneakers like walking on a mattress!? It is comfortable to wear for the first time.

This is a new model with a new feel that has been realized through an official import agency in Japan from sneakers that received a great response from overseas manufacturer BLUEPEACH.
The sneakers that received a great response on the overseas crowdfunding site have finally arrived in Japan! In the crowdfunding site "Wadiz" in Korea, the country of origin of the manufacturer, surprisingly,
He won the Wadiz Maker Awards in 2018.

1minute Anti-Fog Cleaner [Part 2] Antibacterial effect! Anti-fog cloth! evolutionary version

A pair of sneakers made from environmentally friendly "eco" materials and with a simple design without any waste has been developed, originating from a British brand.

In order to make 1 pair of sneaker shoes, more than 70 processes are required, but this time, more than 70 processes have been reduced by 20%, and materials that can recycle resources or biodegrade have been used.