Power that can’t be outdone by powerful steam

The anti-fog cloth “Magic Anti-Fog cloth” that attracted a lot of attention overseas has finally arrived in Japan!!

「Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency(KOTRA)」exhibition sponsored by「2019 G-FAIR KOREA」This product was introduced as an excellent product in.

The manufacturer of this product has acquired ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management.


  1. Anti-fogging effect that can be seen at a glance! “Tough” Anti-Fog Cloth Repeatedly Removes Lens Fog
  2. High density microfiber promotes anti-fogging effect. The anti-fog component is not strong, so it does not damage the lens.
  3. For water dirt and dust! We will send you a set of “cleaning cloth” and “pouch” that will become more beautiful as you wipe it!

Don’t worry about the cloudiness. Have you ever moved from a hot place to a cold place or tried a hot drink in a cold place and your glasses fogged up ・・・?
Magic Anti Fog Cloth solves that problem with a quick wipe.

レンHave you ever had lens fogging?

In that case, anti-fog measures are necessary.

Some of you may be feeling the peak of “I need it now!!”

Cloudy scenes are close to you all year round.

from the middle of the winter when the New Year begins to the pollen season,

Masks and glasses are especially easy to get fogged.

the rainy season after the warm spring,

Rain tends to cause cloudiness and condensation on the window glass.

Clouding occurs even if the temperature difference of air conditioner in summer.

Art in autumn, skiing in winter, snowboarding season in winter.

Cycling, especially when your helmet or camera lens is cloudy, or when you eat something warm.

I can’t stop worrying about cloudiness all year round.

I’ve been using it for a long time.

The lens “won’t hurt.”

Do you have any anti-fog goods?

Magic Anti-Fog cloth solves your problem!

High density microfibers promote continuous defogging

Dense microfiber fabric promotes anti-fogging effect.

It is made strong and soft and does not damage the lens.

What is Microfiber?

It is a delicate fiber that is about 1/100 the thickness of the hair.

Microfibers are very fine special fibers, and there is a beautiful line of fibers that can maintain consistency from invisible threads. It absorbs water well, wipes invisible dust (dust), and wipes lenses without damaging them.